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It’s been a long time between blog posts and in the spirit of fulfilling a new year’s resolution, less procrastination, more doing, let’s fix that. When I realised I’d not written a post since well before our September 2018 tour I began to reflect on what an unforgettable and amazing week we had. We relocated our base for 2018 and it was absolutely the best move we could have made. The new base in Praiano opens up a myriad of fantastic swimming opportunities with its proximity to some of the most iconic natural features on the coast. The accommodation is beyond sublime and the location offers everything that we love about the Amalfi Coast but without Positano’s crowds. Our location and the hotel we’ve selected has actually taken the tour to a completely new level in terms of boutique luxury, creating the ultimate Amalfi Coast experience for our niche clientele. We had a fantastic group of guests last September, swimmers and non-swimmers, who enthusiastically embraced Italian coastal life, quickly became friends and made our job an absolute pleasure. The shared experience of boat days, beach clubs, marathon swims, waterside dining, mountain top adventures and so much more, made for a week near to perfection.

Whilst we were thrilled with the success of our September tour, late 2018 was a time of personal challenge for us. Just before Christmas our family suffered the loss of a cherished loved one and our lives will never be quite the same. As we try to make sense of our loss we have been reminded of the fragility of life and the importance of living for now. If we’ve learned anything over the past few years, it’s that life cannot be taken for granted and there are times we should follow our dreams rather than postponing them for some time in the distant future. Life is precious, enjoy the moment, take the chance, fulfill the dream if it is within your grasp.

When we first imagined of sharing “our” Amalfi Coast with swimmers and their partners, it was simply a dream. Bringing it to fruition was a major leap of faith and I’m sure more than a few people thought we were completely crazy. A true love and affinity for this region, Peter’s passion for open water swimming and a shared vision to create an experience that

could be enjoyed equally by swimmers and their partners kept us focused and the dream became a reality. Come mid-September 2019 we look forward to welcoming 10 new guests, our 4th group, and sharing with them our insider-secrets. We’ve learned much over recent years and there is no doubt that experience and local knowledge unlocks the true beauty of this dream destination. If you have dreamed of seeing the Amalfi Coast and what lies beyond the ubiquitous tourist snaps, imagined immersing in the hidden magic, travelling in style and enjoying luxury boutique style accommodation in the most stunning of locations, you might like to join us in September. Places are extremely limited due to our small group size so please don’t delay.


Pamela, Aqua Travel by SwimWell Australia

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