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professional swimmer leaning at the pool

Video Stroke Analysis

  • Video of your stroke from all angles

  • Poolside analysis 

  • Stroke Correction Tips

50 min pool session 

Cost: $130 

About Video Stroke Analysis

Regular Video Stroke Analysis sessions are essential for all swimmers serious about maintaining their most efficient stroke.

Bad habits and regression to old habits creep in when not monitored.

Elite swimmers review video footage every week, but for most normal swimmers this is only necessary every few months or at least once per year.

For people learning, more frequent video reviews can be beneficial.

Our bodies are like finely tuned machines and require regular servicing to ensure they are performing at their optimum.

Our minds eye very often gives a completely different view to what is really happening and the Video Analysis Sessions are designed to identify areas of inefficiency not picked up by our Mind’s eye.

Book a Private Session online and add 'Video Stroke Analysis' in the message in your booking form. 


Aquastar Pool

Arco Lane Cnr Corporate Drive 


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