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Overcoming Fear 

Is your fear of water impacting your life? Do you want to overcome your fear and experience the joy and benefits of swimming? SwimWell can help you to work on overcoming your fear with a tailored approach based on your specific fear. 

The fear of drowning is a rational and logical fear experienced by many who cannot swim. Aqua or thalass - phobic individuals, however, experience a great deal of anxiety around all kinds of water bodies ranging from large oceans to small bathtubs. Many accomplished pool swimmers and triathletes also experience anxiety swimming in open water, and this anxiety holds them back from fulfilling their full potential in the swim leg or experiencing the joy of open water swimming. 

If the fear of water is affecting your sporting and/or recreational activities then you must find ways to reduce distress and overcome the avoidance of water.


Peter has worked with many athletes and recreational swimmers helping them to overcome their fear of water. 

In private  sessions Peter will help you to identify your fears and step by step, enable you to 'unlearn' the fear by increasing the exposure to the fearful environment in a safe manner. 

No two phobics are the same. Hence treatments for overcoming Aquaphobia or Thalassophobia are also bound to be different.

A minimum of 4 x 1hr sessions is recommended to allow enough time for a tailored approach specific to your fear.

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Relaxing dip

How Peter has helped others

Susan Berg's story

Hear how Susan lost her family in a tragic boating accident and struggle with crippling fear of water for most of her life and how overcoming her fear has helped her to transform her life and inspire others. 

Susan is now an accomplished Marathon Swimmer who keeps pushing her boundaries. 

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