Total Immersion for Triathletes

Discover why triathletes in the US and Europe have turned to Total Immersion (As used by Mark Allen and Tim Ferriss) to improve their swimming efficiency.

So many triathletes are either great runners or great cyclists but find that their performances are compromised because of an exhausting swim leg.

When they try harder to swim faster, they wind up more exhausted (Water is 800 times thicker than air).

The key to swimming faster and conserving energy is to reduce drag and improve efficiency. 
In order to do that we need to first understand the concepts of “the longer the vessel the faster the vessel” and “the shape of the vessel is more important than the size of the engine”.

Peter Hendriks of Swimwell is one of Australia’s leading Total Immersion Coaches and is an Open Water Specialist. Over the past 10 years has shown 1000’s of students, from complete beginners to National elite swimmers the art of swimming effortlessly in either the pool or in Open Water.

Total Immersion embraces video technology to show individual swimmers what is working well for them, with their current stroke,  and what can be improved upon. More importantly we work, in the water, with each swimmer to show them correct muscle movements and the drills needed to be practiced to imprint “new” improved muscle memory.

SPECIAL OFFERSwimwell is extending the following  Special Offer to ALL Tri Clubs around Australia.

Tri Club 90 min Demo 

A 90 minute experiential session with your club, at your pool. (Experiential = Participative)

In this session you will learn the 3 key pillars on which the Freestyle Stroke is built. We uncover the most common flaws swimmers make and learn how to fix them.

You will also learn the Value of Video Analysis in improving your stroke.

The Cost of this session is $40 per person and this fee can be used as a Credit off any further tuition, Swim Camp, or Workshop attendance.


Our most popular stroke correction program. Improve your swimming technique and develop efficient sustainable freestyle with the Total Immersion™ Effortless Endurance Freestyle Workshop.

This is a freestyle program for swimmers who want to correct their stroke for better efficiency and performance through balance, streamlining and propulsion. 

Effortless Endurance will transform your swimming.

Contact Peter to arrange for a customised Work Shop at your pool for your triathletes. 

Swim Camps 

Experience the difference a  5  or 2 days Swim Camp can make to the way you will swim next season.

This Intensive swim training camp is ideal for open water swimmers and triathletes of all levels and abilities. You’ll be swimming in the pool and at the beautiful beaches of Palm Cove to get a flying start to the season ahead.

You’ll discover strengths and weaknesses in your current stroke and exactly what you need to do take your swimming to the next level with detailed video analysis. You’ll also enjoy swim specific gym training programs that will help improve technique, strength and fitness.


Come as a group or come on your and experience the difference Swimwell can make to your performance.

Total Immersion Coach Peter Hendriks

Unlike most other coaches, Peter started his swimming career later in life. Having learnt the basics as a child, he did not actively start swimming again until the year 2000.

As a result he is very empathetic and understands the challenges faced by the majority of Adults and triathletes wanting to either learn or to improve their swimming.
Peter learnt to swim the Total Immersion way with Terry Laughlin (founder) and loved it so much that he Advanced to coaching several years later.


Peter’s knowledge, patient style and passion for teaching is what sets him aside from other coaches and has a proven track record with complete beginners, water phobics through to elite and National level swimmers.

People have travelled from all parts of the globe to learn from him.


Peter is an accomplished Open Water Swimmer and has participated in 1000’s of Open Water Swims and Marathons and taught in excess of 1500 swimmers how to reduce drag in the water and swim more efficiently so that people can swim easier, further and faster.

Terry Laughlin passed away in October 2017 as a result of prostate cancer. His goal was to teach as many people how to achieve  “walking”, “jogging” and “running” options in water. Peter’s life ambition is to continue the great work started by Terry.


Peter’s goal is to educate swimmers on how to enjoy swimming as an activity where each person can swim efficiently at whatever speed they choose to swim at, either for performance or pleasure.

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