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Total Immersion for Triathletes

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Discover why triathletes have turned to Total Immersion as used by Mark Allen and Tim Ferriss to improve their swimming efficiency. 
SwimWell uses the proven Total Immersion methodology and Peter Hendriks is one of Australia's leading TI licensed swim coaches who has helped many triathletes to achieve their swimming goals. 

SwimWell for Triathletes

SwimWell is the perfect home for triathletes who are confident training on their own for running and cycling but would like a team environment for their swimming.


We provide friendly and fun high intensity open water swimming sessions that can be joined on a casual basis. Further to this, if you are looking to join a triathlon club but wanting to improve your swimming first we will happily recommend to you the triathlon club that we think will best suit your goals and style of training.


Depending on your level of swimming you are encouraged to join a One on One Session, Beginners Open Water Squad or an Open Water Squad. 

If you are unsure of which session is right for you please get in touch to speak to one of our dedicated team who will guide you in the correct direction. 

SwimWell embraces video technology to show individual swimmers what is working well for them, with their current stroke,  and what can be improved upon. More importantly we work in the water with each swimmer to show them correct muscle movements and the drills needed to be practiced to imprint “new” improved muscle memory.

SwimWell offers Pool Squads, Open Water Squads, Open Water Courses and Clinics which are suitable for triathletes.  Or book a Video Stroke Analysis Session to get an individual analysis of your stroke. 


Transform your swim

So many triathletes are either great runners or great cyclists but find that their performances are compromised because of an exhausting swim leg.

When they try harder to swim faster, they wind up more exhausted (Water is 800 times thicker than air).

The key to swimming faster and conserving energy is to reduce drag and improve efficiency. 
In order to do that we need to first understand the concepts of “the longer the vessel the faster the vessel” and “the shape of the vessel is more important than the size of the engine”.


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