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Do you need certification for a Victoria Police or Life Saver Victoria Swim fitness test
Our services include
  • Assessment and conduct of test in our Aquastar Pool in Moorabin
  • Certification
  • Training to get you ready for the test
How to complete the test
 Book a One on One session - the fee will cover the test and the certification.   If your assessment is completed in less than 50 minutes, then your coach will provide you with a video stroke analysis for the reminder of the time. 
 Bring your certifcation form and photo ID. 


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 100 metres in 4 minutes, using any stroke or combination of strokes, without stopping or allowing your feet to touch the bottom of the pool at any time.

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Life Saving Victoria 

Surf Rescue

  •  200 metre swim in five minutes in a pool or open water

Surf Lifesaving Bronze Medallion

  • 400 metre swim in nine minutes in a pool or open water

Book a session

  • Stroke Correction, Video Analysis, 1:1 Session, Small Group Session

    Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Sat

    50 min

    130 Australian dollars
  • Private Session

    Mon, Wed

    45 min

    130 Australian dollars
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