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Private Sessions

  • One on One Coaching

  • Up to two people 

  • Suitable for Beginners, intermediate, or elite swimmers or triathletes

  • Customised coaching to suit your level and needs

45 min pool session 

Cost: $130

About Private Sessions

Private swimming lessons are suitable for adults who are brand new to swimming as well as beginner, intermediate, and advanced swimmers.

For this forty five minute session you have the undivided attention of your swimming coach as they get into the water with you.


You will through an in depth analysis of your stroke and focus on the three pillars of swimming: 

Balance, streamlining, and propulsion.

These sessions are very beneficial for someone who enjoys working at their own pace and feels most comfortable in a one on one environment.

Those sessions can also be booked for small groups for up to four swimmers. Simply book a Private Session for one person and pay the difference at the pool. 

Duration: 45 min

Cost: $130 (one person)

         $150 (two people)



Aquastar Pool

Arco Lane Cnr Corporate Drive 


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