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Learn to Swim

Learning to swim as an adult can be daunting, but SwimWell has you covered.


Conveniently located in South Yarra we can help you learn to swim and then move on to improving your swimming, and even becoming a weekly swimmer at our squads.


This is the only Melbourne swim school you will need from the beginning right through to being an advanced swimmer.


Upcoming Learn to Swim Courses 

Learn to Swim Course

  • In just four sessions you will learn how to swim with perfect freestyle technique. 

  • You will learn how to position your body correctly in the water (if your feet sink to the bottom this is important for you)

  • Understand why balance is so important and master this element

  • The fundamentals of swimming are all explained by a coach who is in the water with you (to show you exactly what you need to be doing)

  • An exceptional coaching team that offers ongoing support throughout your journey (and plenty of dad jokes too)

  • It is adults only as we know that adults and children learn very differently.

  • Perfect for complete beginners or those who want to start from scratch

  • Location: South Yarra

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Your Coaches 


Peter Hendriks

Peter is a certified Total Immersion Swim Coach and is passionate about all things technique and open water swimming. 


Charlie Evans

Charlie is an accredited  ASCTA Swim Coach and instructor and Open Water Enthusiast. 


Sharon Shepherd

Shaz is an acredited ASCTA Swim coach and Instructor.

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