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Tim Ferriss

Want to find out what Tim Ferriss, bestselling author and entrepreneur has to say about Total Immersion?

"How I learned to love swimming"



Where do I start if I am learning how to swim?

A Private Session  is a fantastic place to start, to speak with your coach and find out exactly where you are and to talk about what your goals are. If you thrive in a group environment, our Two Day Workshop could be the perfect starting place for you. If you have any questions please contact us and we can help you to find an option that suits you. We are so excited to welcome you to the swimming community.


Where can I find people to open water swim with in Melbourne?

We would love to welcome you to one of our Open Water Squads where you will meet a range of open water swimmers. You can also have a look at our Open Water Community page which shows you a list of the community swims that we are aware of.


Why do I find it so hard to swim fast when I am a strong athlete?

Swimming quickly and efficiently is based around technique and simply trying to turn your arms over as quickly as you can will often have the opposite effect and actually make you slower. Therefore your fitness levels may be high but that will not help you swim faster until you take the time to slow down and understand about technique and build from there.


How do I get over my fear of jellyfish?

Exposure tends to be the best way of dealing with nervousness around jellyfish and other sea creatures. One of our community members says that she imagines the jellyfish as her own personal cheer squad cheering her on which is a fabulous way of turning that fear around.


How do I train for a long swim?

If you are training for a 10km marathon swim or for any other swimming challenge you can sign up as a member and get access to our 10k training plan. Or contact Peter to talk about customised training. If we have enough interest in a particular event we would look at creating squad sessions centred around this event, so please reach out if you have an event in mind as other people may have expressed an interest and we can create a training package for you.


Is open water swimming in cold water good for you?

There are so many benefits of open water swimming in cold water, starting from increased blood circulation as well as creating an exhilarating natural high. Furthermore you are burning calories as well as creating a positive outlet to deal with stress. There are, of course, risks that are associated with swimming in cold water and you should never swim alone.

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