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SwimWell Workshops

Our most popular stroke correction program, the 2 day SwimWell Workshop  will transform your swimming.

Improve your stroke technique based upon Total Immersion methods and drills to accelerate your swimming knowledge. 

  • Weekend Course (7hrs over 2 Days)

  • Learn in a small groups of only 4-6 swimmers

  • Cost: $550


2 Day Workshop

The two day workshop provides an in depth look into all aspects of your swim stroke and will result in you swimming more efficiently which means that you will be swimming faster while exerting less effort. This course is a combination of practical and theory with a total of two hours in the classroom and five hours in the swimming pool. You will benefit from the Workshop regardless if you are a beginner starting from scratch or an advanced athlete looking to shave seconds off your time. The small group setting makes this clinic a fun and encouraging environment which people will thoroughly enjoy. 

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What will you take away?

  • Know what great swimming looks and feels like

  • Know which aspects of your stroke are going well

  • Know which aspects of your stroke are opportunities for improvement

  • Know what to practice and how to practice for the highest gains

  • Be able to practice independently and understand the next steps in your swimming development

Excited female swimmer with clenched fis

Who is the 2 day Workshop for? 

  • You’re a swimmer who wants cutting-edge stroke correction

  • You’re a swimmer who wants to improve your efficiency for more enjoyable and sustainable swimming

  • You’re a triathlete or ocean swimmer who wishes to improve your technical expertise

  • You’re a swimmer looking to learn new drills, enhance skills and challenge your “swimming brain”

  • You’re a recreational swimmer who wants to swim with less effort, for longer distances

  • You want to build on the swim basics and learn how to swim with more confidence and ease

Professional female swimmer swim in the

What you will learn?

  • How to swim with whole body synchronised movements

  • How to balance, stabilise and streamline your body

  • Understand how to utilise ‘weight shift’ to improve propulsion

  • How to practice for biggest gains in swimming efficiency

  • A series of drills that directly link to every aspect of your stroke

Hotel swimming pool with sunny reflectio


2x 2.5hrs pool, plus 2x 1hr class room (7hrs)





Aquastar Pool

24 Arco Lane, Heatherton VIC


Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre

62 Alexander Dr, Inglewood WA

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