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Swim Speed – you must earn the right

By Peter Hendriks Swim speed needs to be earned, you can’t just demand it. There you go, I’ve said it. It’s not something that is achieved with one coaching session. If you were wanting to learn Karate or Judo would it be fair to walk into a Dojo with absolutely no or limited schooling in the martial arts and request to the Sensei: “Can I start off training and, by the way, I want to start off at a green belt, coz I’m fit?” The answer would be a resounding: “You must earn that privilege.” Achieving speed in swimming is an outcome that needs to be earned as a result of increased knowledge of the physics of swimming and deliberate practice of the processes that will result in speed. Too man

Why breathing out is more important than breathing in when swimming

Breathing properly is an important part of any terrestrial activity, but particularly when exerting energy during sports activities especially swimming. Swimmers need to be aware of the following basic facts: Breathing in whilst underwater is still NOT possible for humans Air is absolutely necessary when swimming. When swimming backstroke, breathing is made easier as our mouths and noses are clear of the water for the most part. With the other 3 strokes it was necessary to create swimming stroke actions that allow the mouth and nose to exit the water to access the air. With freestyle the process required to breathe in air is to rotate the head sufficiently so that the mouth can breathe air i

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