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Mentone Open Water Marathon Swim

An analysis This event was the brain child of myself in conjunction with Brian Kirk (Mentone LSC). Without the support of Brian and the Mentone LSC this event would not have been possible. Over the past 5 or so years there has been a noticeable shift in the numbers of people seeking longer swim events. For many years the standard Open Water Swim event distance was 1.2km here in Victoria. Now we are seeing a shift to many Clubs and Event days having a 5km swim as well as the traditional 1.2km swims. The 5km events are selling out quickly with numbers capped in these races for safety reasons. A high percentage of 5km swimmers are backing up and competing in the 1.2km events also. The trend to

PERFECT BALANCE ..... Positano Style

Whilst we've been enjoying one of the more consistent runs of perfect weather in Melbourne this past week, and brilliant swimming conditions ..... with more perfection in store (& yet more fabulous swimming).....planning is in process behind the scenes for September and our trip to the Amalfi Coast. Balance is a big focus in swimming, and one of the 3 pillars of the Total Immersion philosophy......And so it should be in all facets of life. Our week in Positano is about balance too: Heart-stopping beauty / breathtaking swimming, sumptuous food & wine /unforgettable swimming, historic & cultural immersion / aquatic immersion, impossibly charming villages with hidden gems / natural arches

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