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PERFECT BALANCE ..... Positano Style

Whilst we've been enjoying one of the more consistent runs of perfect weather in Melbourne this past week, and brilliant swimming conditions ..... with more perfection in store (& yet more fabulous swimming).....planning is in process behind the scenes for September and our trip to the Amalfi Coast.

Balance is a big focus in swimming, and one of the 3 pillars of the Total Immersion philosophy......And so it should be in all facets of life. Our week in Positano is about balance too: Heart-stopping beauty / breathtaking swimming, sumptuous food & wine /unforgettable swimming, historic & cultural immersion / aquatic immersion, impossibly charming villages with hidden gems / natural arches to swim through & secret grottos to discover.......You get the idea?

Eat and drink with abandon here because even if you're not swimming it off, the stairs you'll be climbing will certainly alleviate any guilt. Live the Dolce Vita - take time to celebrate small pleasures the way Italians do...... Savour your first espresso of the day, pause and truly appreciate the view - imprint it on your soul. Indulge your sweet tooth with Italian pastries....or your shoe fetish with handmade Italian sandals. Take time to chat and get to know the locals...practice your Italian!, Explore your spiritual side, light a candle for a lost loved one at the duomo. Pace is the key ..... there is much to see and do (and seas to be swum), but taking the time to simply "be" here and connect with this magical part of the world is Molto importante!

Yes there will be amazing excursions and spectacular boat trips, giving swimmers the opportunity to explore as only they can..... while others will prefer a lazy dip in the sea followed by a sip of prosecco on the deck while appreciating it all from another perspective.

We'll take in the coast from the lofty heights of heavenly Ravello, and explore the summer residences of ancient Roman noblemen down on the shoreline. We'll even visit glamorous Capri and li Galli like royalty and movie stars have before us.

Above all though, let's seek the perfect balance to satisfy not only our swimming dreams (those of you who do), but also our fascination with history, our love of Italian food and wine, our penchant for trawling boutiques and galleries, our wanderlust and our desire for 'La Dolce Vita'.

Hope to see you in Positano.

Pam & Peter

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