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Video Stroke Analysis: The best way to improve efficiency and speed in the water

Mind's Eye vs Camera Lens

Click on the image to check out the before and after video

Have you ever felt frustrated in the water, when the extra effort you have applied when sprinting has only resulted in a minimal positive improvement on the clock, or even worse you have gone slower and you feel yourself spinning your wheels.

Don’t worry, you are not alone. The reason why swimming is so different to other sports is that water is approx. 900 times thicker than air and so the extra effort does not translate to the “extra effort” outcomes of either running or cycling.

It also is why 1 unit of swimming in water is equal to 4 units of running on land. (ie the time it takes an elite swimmer to swim 10km is about the same as the time it takes an elite runner to run 40km… same with 100m swim vs 400m run)

When it comes to swimming, athletes will find better speed and endurance outcomes by focusing on technique improvements rather than “Training Harder”. Some tri-athletes I know have spent years training “harder” and continue to be disappointed at not improving their swim times.

So where do we begin?

Are you aware of the strengths and weaknesses in your current stroke?

Have you ever had your stroke analysed by a qualified stroke technician? Do you know what drills and exercises you need to do to deliver the outcomes you want?

Are you training to a program to achieve those outcomes?

Are you focussed on “You” or are you focussed on your performance against others?

The best way to start technique improvement is to have a Detailed Video Analysis to establish your current baseline.

Understanding areas of your stroke that need improving is one thing, actually doing something different to bring about change is another, and does not happen overnight.

Monitoring your progress with regular video analysis sessions is an important part of the skill consolidation process. Elite athletes view their stroke form nearly every session. So it makes sense that any athlete serious about swimming should have regular video “check ups and Tune ups” each year.

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