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What's to love about SwimWell's Amalfi adventure in Southern Italy? Part 2


The food, the wine, the colours, the history, the breathtaking beauty, the steep cliffs, the hidden beaches, the warm blue water and the memories to last a lifetime.

Let me say right from the outset, The Amalfi Coast is Not all about the swimming for me. Please don't misunderstand, there's little that can compare with a dip in the sea here - I felt like a fortunate mermaid the first time I experienced the impossibly blue, deep, crystal water in this part of the world.... but it is just one lovely facet of this incredible location.

I first visited this coast in my early 20s, fell completely in love and vowed to return. Life had much else in store as life does, and though I never forgot the Amalfi Coast, it would be many years before I returned with Peter...

As we took the dramatic coast road from Naples to Positano, and one amazing view surpassed the next, it became clear why the love affair with this place had never faded for me .... if anything, I was more enchanted than ever..... and I have to say Peter was pretty impressed too.

Positano is all about the beauty - Visually stunning, it's difficult to walk around without whipping your phone out constantly to grab yet another photo opportunity. Winding cobblestone streets and many, many stairs mean exploring the gorgeous boutiques and galleries gives you an incidental workout - just the kind I like (and provides perfect justification for the amazing gelato).

Peter's never ending quest for "the perfect swim" has seen me take the overland route (or ferry boat) to some fantastic destinations along the coast to meet up for a post-swim lunch. The coast is not just picturesque but also steeped in history and each of the towns have their own unique personality. However one of our fave destinations, Da Adolfo's, is just a few beaches up the coast from La Fenice. This beach club/restaurant has a boat that picks you up from our beach - swimmers can do the trip under their own steam. The food is brilliant, fresh seafood at its best and delicious local specialties. Post lunch relaxing, sun basking and bathing are strongly encouraged.

One of the highlights of the region is Ravello, a town high above Amalfi. This mountain top town has been charming visitors for centuries and even swimmers are not immune to those charms. Enchanting villas, stunning gardens, views to die for, even some retail therapy - this is one for my "must-do" list. The most obvious "must do" is exploring the coast by sea - and no you don't have to be a swimmer. We've discovered some great boat charter people who customise exploration specifically to our needs - (and not just the swimmers). With so many locations accessible only from the water, exploring by water is the way to go.

Never to be underestimated is the value of simply 'being' in this magic location. I will never tire of the view from our terrace at La Fenice, I love lazing by the pool with a good book, and a poolside Caprese salad and an Aperol Spritz complete my idea of bliss. Looking forward to sharing the bliss with you. xx

Swimwell is hosting it’s first Aqua Travel holiday to Positano (17th to 24th September 2017).

Check out the prices and itinerary here.

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