SwimWell Clinics

The SwimWell clinics teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers the drills and tools to achieve balance, stability and propulsion in the water to increase your efficiency which means that you will be swimming faster while exerting less effort. 


The small group setting makes the clinics a fun and encouraging environment which people will thoroughly enjoy. 

SwimWell Clinics

Our new SwimWell Clinics will transform your swimming . Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced swimmer, we have the right clinic

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Beginner Clinics

Beginner Clinic

4x 1.5hrs 

Cost: $400

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Intermediate Clinics

Balance & Rotation 

Catch and Recovery


2.5hrs for each 

Cost: $199 per clinic 

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Advanced Clinics

Smart Speed

2.5 hrs 

Cost: $199

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How to get started 

Stroke Evaluation 

Don't know where to start to get your swimming to the next level? Book a stroke evaluation to see where you at.

  • See your stroke from all angles and above and below the water 

  • Analyse your stroke with a video in a small group

  • Get tips and drills to fix your stroke issues


Duration: 90 mins

Small groups of 6 swimmers per coach

Cost: $75

Bring a USB stick to take your video home

What will you take away?

  • Know what great swimming looks and feels like

  • Know which aspects of your stroke are going well

  • Know which aspects of your stroke are opportunities for improvement

  • Know what to practice and how to practice for the highest gains

  • Be able to practice independently and understand the next steps in your swimming development

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Upcoming Clinics