About Total Immersion Coach Peter Hendriks

Unlike most other coaches, Peter started his swimming career later in life. Having learnt the basics as a child, he did not actively start swimming again until the year 2000.

As a result he is very empathetic and understands the challenges faced by the majority of Adults and triathletes wanting to either learn or to improve their swimming.
Peter learnt to swim the Total Immersion way with Terry Laughlin (founder) and loved it so much that he Advanced to coaching several years later.


Peter’s knowledge, patient style and passion for teaching is what sets him aside from other coaches and has a proven track record with complete beginners, water phobics through to elite and National level swimmers.

People have travelled from all parts of the globe to learn from him.


Peter is an accomplished Open Water Swimmer and has participated in 1000’s of Open Water Swims and Marathons and taught in excess of 1500 swimmers how to reduce drag in the water and swim more efficiently so that people can swim easier, further and faster.

Terry Laughlin passed away in October 2017 as a result of prostate cancer. His goal was to teach as many people how to achieve  “walking”, “jogging” and “running” options in water. Peter’s life ambition is to continue the great work started by Terry.


Peter’s goal is to educate swimmers on how to enjoy swimming as an activity where each person can swim efficiently at whatever speed they choose to swim at, either for performance or pleasure.

Total Immersion

TI is a unique Adult swimming education program….

Swimming in Australia is ever increasing in popularity, however the percentage of swimmers with good technique is relatively small.

Recent Government research suggests that 85% of school children leave school without being able to swim. This has sparked enormous funding in an effort to reduce that number. 90% of the children asked if they could swim said “Yes”, but could not meet the minimum standard of being able to swim 100M in less than 4 minutes.

These children turn into adults that say they can swim.

Total Immersion (TI) is a Global technique correction program that brings results far quicker than conventional methods and helps any student master a fluent, effective and efficient technique that makes swimming more satisfying and enjoyable.

Different programs have been developed to meet the needs of All levels from Beginners to Elite swimmers…..and from Teenagers to Seniors.

Total Immersion founder, Terry Laughlin, has always dreamed of “A world where people can swim any distance as easily as they might go for a stroll” and TI Melbourne senior coach Peter Hendriks is passionate about making that a reality…


Still not sure exactly what TI is all about?


Why not go to the Programs section of our Website and Book yourself a Demo.

Our demo includes a general introduction to TI then a pool session of 20 minutes where coaches will identify an area of your swimming that you may like to work on.

Selected members of the group will have a video taken above and below the water and we will finish our session with an in-depth analysis of the swimming stroke and how the TI principles of balance, streamline and propulsion would impact on that stroke.

All up our demo takes an hour and a half and if you wish to learn to swim or to swim for longer distances with greater ease then your time and money will be well spent.

Courses are held at Aquastar 24 Arco Lane Heatherton and at Half Moon Bay beach


Melbourne                             Aquastar Pool

24 Arco Lane, Heatherton VIC

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Skills Consolidation

TI Endurance Workshop

Open Water

Half Moon Bay Black Rock


Stirling Leisure Centres - Terry Tyzack Aquatic Centre

62 Alexander Dr, Inglewood WA


Private Lessons

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TI Endurance Workshop