SwimWell Clinics

Our new SwimWell Clinics will transform your swimming.

Improve your stroke technique based upon Total Immersion methods and drills to accelerate your swimming knowledge. 

  • Beginner Clinic (3.5 hrs) 

  • Intermediate Clinic (3.5 hrs)

  • Smart Speed Clinic (3 hrs)

  • Cost: $299


SwimWell Clinics

The SwimWell clinics teaches beginners, intermediate and advanced swimmers the drills and tools to achieve balance, stability and propulsion in the water to increase your efficiency which means that you will be swimming faster while exerting less effort. Depending on your level, choose the Beginner, Intermediate or Smart Speed  Clinic to get to the next level.


The small group setting makes the clinics a fun and encouraging environment which people will thoroughly enjoy. 

Next Clinics

  • Learn Balance and Streamlining


    3 hr 30 min

    299 Australian dollars
  • 3 hrs clinic - learn how to master speed


    3 hr

    299 Australian dollars
  • Learn streamlining and propulsion


    1 hr

    299 Australian dollars

Smart Speed Clinic 

  • Suitable for swimmers who can swim continuously 400m

  • Learn advanced skills to pace yourself

  • Learn which aspects of your stroke are opportunities for improvement

  • Understand how stroke length and stroke rate affects your speed

  • Learn 'smart speed'

  • This clinic requires the use of a FINIS tempo trainer

Swimmer man doing crawl swim in swimming

Beginner Clinics  

  • Suitable for new swimmers wanting to learn balance, stability and streamlining

  • Breathing basics

  • Learn new drills and develop your “swimming brain”

  • You want to learn the swim basics and learn how to swim with more confidence and ease

  • Suitable for beginners. If you cannot swim at all, it's advisable to book a Private Session with Peter first. 


Intermediate Clinics

  • Learn how to swim with whole body synchronised movements

  • Understand how to utilise ‘weight shift’ to improve propulsion

  • What and how to practice for biggest gains in swimming efficiency

  • A series of drills that directly link to every aspect of your stroke

  • Suitable for swimmers who have completed the Beginner Clinic or can swim continuously for 100 - 200 meters

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Beginner/Intermediate Clinic: 3.5hrs pool

Smart  Speed: 3hrs pool





Aquastar Pool

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